Aine Shizuma
Aine Shizuma
Media Info
Translation Aine Shizuma
Nickname(s) Aine
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relatives Reishirou Saeki (Cousin)

Reiko Saeki (Cousin)

Occupation Buirial Doll EX

Aine is shown to have once been a living girl like Misao. She is Reiko and Reishirou's cousin.


Five years ago, the ship that she, Reishirou, and Reiko took was involved in a fight between GD and Asura Cryin'.

While Aine waits on a ship for Reishirou, the ship was attacked by an Asura Cryin'. Reishirou was able to save Reiko, but Aine was horifically impaled by shrapnel from the ship. In order to save Aine from dying, Reishirou used the Extractor to sacrifice her as the Burial Doll for his Asura Machina, Hisui.

Aine now appears in ghost form in a snow flake decorated costume. When Kagakagari left everyone to die at the crashing Airplane, she sacrificed the last of her life force to save the students by creating a runway made of ice for the plane to land.

First WorldEdit

Aine from First World is member of the Cooking Club. She was first seen riding a giant tuna toy to attend the school when she crushed into Tomoharu. Tomoharu told Aine that she might not know him (in the First World), but he knows her (from the Second World) for a long time. Aine mistook it as confession of love.