Ania Fortuna
Ania Fortunaa
Media Info
Translation Ania Fortuna
Nickname(s) Nia
Personal Info
Age 15
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Christina Fortuna
Occupation Scientist


Old Ania is five years older than the Ania Fortuna of the second world.


After getting separated from Tomoharu and others and got sent to First World 5 years earlier than others by out of controlled Hagane, Nia joined institution called La Croix. She is known as the Witch of Rakurowa High School in Rakurowa High School. It is later revealed that she's the one who created Asura Machina to fulfill Tomoharu from First World's wish. Using the knowledge she gained from Christina's research data, Nia created total of 21 Asura Machina in a month.

After the final battle, Ania become her old chibi self. Ania muses about returning to her younger self, wondering out loud why some things couldn't have just stayed as they were.