A young, genius blond-haired demon who recently transferred to Tomoharu's school and was placed into his care to protect her from a demon hunter.

Ania Fortuna
Ania Fortuna
Media Info
Translation Ania Fortuna
Nickname(s) Nia
Anime Debut Ep:8
Personal Info
Age 10
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Christina Fortuna
Occupation Student
Affiliation(s) Royal Dark Society

Science Club


Ania's family's profession is to study the Asura Machina control systems. As a demon, she is a Luck-eater; a demon that eats the luck of people and controls the balance between unlucky and lucky people.

Her nickname is Nia. Nia was sent to study the Asura Machina that had absorbed the Stabilizer, but had also come to Japan to look for her missing sister, Christina Fortuna. She later obtains her sister Christina's research data in which she uses it to help create the Asura Machina in First World.

First WorldEdit

She gets sent into the first world form the out of control Hagane 5 years earlier. She joins La Croix to make the Asura Machina for the first worlds Tomoharu.