An Asura Machina is a machine that has a human sacrifice known as a burial doll. The human that controls the machine is known as a handler, and is often have had a close relationship with his or her burial doll. Partnered with the handler is a projection body of the burial doll, and are both able to communite with each other, but can't be seen by others. They were created by humans making a contract with demons to allow travel between worlds possible and therefore protect their world the Gods abandoned. If the Asura Machina at an time is over used, the burial doll, the burial doll's projection body will dissapear, and the Handler will be branded an ex- handler.

Known HandlersEdit

  • Tomoharu Natsume
  • Haruna Chiyohara
  • Kyoumu Satomi

Known Ex-HandlersEdit

  • Reishiro Saeki
  • You Susugihara
  • Kagakagari

Known Burial DollEdit

  • Misao Minakami
  • Aine Shizuma
  • Aki Kitsutaka
  • Kurosaki Shuri

Known Asura MachinaEdit

  • Kurogane
  • Shirogane
  • Hisui
  • Bismuth
  • Aenka

Known Asura CryinEdit

  • Rhodonite (Kagakagari Control)
  • Hagane
  • Kurogane-Kai