Blazing Kurogane-Kai
Blazing Kurogane-Kai
Media Info
Japanese ブレイジング黑鐵・改
Translation Bureizingu Kurogane Kai
Anime Debut Episode 26
Main Color Black & Red
Powers Space Control (Gravity Control + Space Manipulation), Engetsu (Flaming Sword), Ability to Fly.
Status Active
Demon Takatsuki Kanade
Daughter: Persephone
Handler: Tomoharu Natsume
Burial Doll(s) Misao Minakami

Summon ChantEdit

EnglishDarker from the dark, emerging from the abyss...The shadow cast by the light of science...

Japanese(Kanji) :科学の光による影である奈落の底から出てくる闇よりも目立たない!

Japanese(Romanji): Kagaku no hikari ni yoru kagedearu naraku no soko kara detekuru yami yori mo medatanai!


Burial DollEdit


  • Takatsuki Kanade


  • Persephone


Blazing Kurogane-Kai is created in the final battle when Tomoharu called on Kanade and Persephone to help him after Kanade stated her reason for fighting. Persephone attached to Kurogane Kai's back and became a pair of flaming wings. The combination also turned Kurogane Kai's armor black and the trim a fiery orange color. Kurogane Kai gained the ability to fly and use of Kanade's demonic ability, the Engetsu (Flaming Sword) as Blazing Kurogane Kai's weapon. Blazing Kurogane Kai uses two-sword style similar to Aki's two-sword style. Also, it is shown that Aki's spirit controlled Blazing Kurogane helping Tomoharu defeat Hagane and President Kagakari. It has been shown that Blazing Kurogane has power superior to Hagane when Tomoharu asked for Kanade and Persephones magic. 

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