Media Info
Japanese 翡翠
Translation Hisui
Anime Debut Episode 2
Main Color Green
Powers Ice manipulation,Energy circulation
Status Down
Handler: Reishirou Saeki
Burial Doll(s) Aine Shizuma

Summon ChantEdit

English: More silent than the darkness sleeping at the sea of ice, that is the shadow froze in the melody of science!


  • Reishirou Saeki (Ex-Handler)
  • Kagayaki Tokiya (Controlled)

Burial DollEdit

  • Aine Shizuma (Ex-Burial Doll)


An Asura Machina that emerges from Rerishirou's shadow at the end of the second episode. At the end of episode 13. Reishirou used the last bit of Aine's life force to save the sophomore students by creating an ice runway, thus ending the contract between him and Hisui. Hisui's ice manipulation ability is effective at immobilizing enemies and creating icy pathways. Despite its power, Hisui was easily defeated by Kurogane. In Episode 24 of the anime Tokiya uses Hagane's power to take control of Hisui. When Tokiya calls out Hisui the Asura's armor has changed from light green to a dark blue color. Whether this is because they have no Burial Dolls of their own or Tokiya's corruption is unknown. While under Tokiya's control, Hisui can apparently use energy circulation.