Kanade Takatsuki
Media Info
Japanese 嵩月 奏
Translation Kanade Takasuki
Anime Debut Ep 1
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Father: President of Takatsuki-gumi

Grandfather:Uzumasa Shioizumi

Cousin:Ritsu Shioizumi

Occupation Student
Affiliation(s) Demon

Kanade Takatsuki is the second female heroine of the series.


She is a demon who becomes a friend of Tomoharu Natsume after trying to protect him from Reishiro Saeki. She is one of the few close people who call Tomoharu "Tomo". She comes to develop feelings for Tomo and they eventually make a contract giving birth to Peresephone.

Season 1.Edit

Kanade is first introduced when she attacks Tomoharu in his house asking for the extractor and the Asura Machina. She then runs away after seeing Tomoharu's Burial Doll, Misao. Tomo then thinks that he sees the person who attacked him in his home and runs and asks her if it was her who attacked him in his house. Kanade denies the fact that she attacked him and then Tomo gets hit by Reiko Saeki. Tomo gets called to the First Student Council President's office and Reishiro tells him he has to die. At that moment Kanade bursts in and saves Tomo. Tomo runs home to get the trunk and when he comes back Kanade is captured. Tomo then saves Kanade and they get trapped in a room after Shuri put Science Club applications in the trunk. Shuri then forces them to join the science club in order to help them. They then defeat Reishiro and survive. The next time they are seen they are on a camp looking for a lost daughter they called Dobussie. Tomo gets advised by Reishiro not to get close to Kanade and make a contract or then he would have to kill Tomo. They find out that it is Shuu Mahiwa's lost daughter and Shuu accepts the daughter and then their mission is over.

When they come back home there is a demon hunter that is attacking demons and is draining them of all there blood. Tomo is asked by Kanade's fathers right hand man to protect Kanade with his life. Soon after while the Takatsuki family is leaving Shuri drops in and asks Tomo to look after another demon named Ania Fortuna from the Fortuna family. Ania is revealed to be a fortune-eater (A demon that can take/give away a luck of a person).