Media Info
Japanese 黑鐵
Translation Kurogane
Anime Debut Episode 1
Main Color Black
Powers Gravity Control
Status Evolved
Handler: Toru Kitsutaka (Ex-Handler)

Tomoharu Natsume

Burial Doll(s) Aki Kitsutaka (Ex-Burial Doll)

Misao Minakami

Summon ChantEdit

English: More obsure than the darkness coming out from the abyss, that is the shadow cast by light of science!

Japanese: 「闇より暗き深淵より出でし―其(そ)は、科学の光が落とす影!」


Burial DollEdit


A dark Asura Machina that emerged from the Extractor at the end of the first episode in a wave of shadow. It was given to Tomoharu during the the plane crash by Naotaka when Misao volunteered to be a Burial Doll to save Tomoharu. However, apparently after having made the contract Kurogane's Extractor fell into the hands of Toru, who became the first Handler of Kurogane. Kurogane's gravity control ability manifests itself as balls of dark energy, though it also has the ability to engulf its hands with energy to strengthen its physical attacks. In the anime Kurogane's gravity control is so great that it is able to overcome Rhodonite's time manipulation. In order to save the vanishing First World, Tomoharu asks Ania to use her abilities to fuse the remains of Kurogane and Shirogane in order to try and create a new Asura Machina which could be equal to Hagane, resulting the creation of the Kurogane Kai.