Season 1:

Episode 1: Mechanical Demon God

Episode 2: The Issue on the Destroyed Future

Episode 3: The Stained Shadow of the Light of Science

Episode 4: The Feelings of Losing your Destination

Episode 5: Intersecting Hearts and Bodies

Episode 6: Sacrifice of Darkness

Episode 7: Dream that was Dispersed into the Cruel Sky

Episode 8: Ruling Maiden of Calamity

Episode 9: Unexisting Being, Forbidden Being

Episode 10: Connecting the Chains of Time

Episode 11: The Ordinary and Extraordinary That is Here With Us

Episode 12: Till the End of Time

Episode 13: The Mark of the Accursed Sinner

Season 2:

Episode 1: The Obliterated World and Remnants of Memories

Episode 2: The Burial Doll Consumed by The Demon

Episode 3: Free and Restricted Choices

Episode 4: The Price of Calling the Name of the Living Sacrifice

Episode 5: The Painful Relationship Between Love and Magic Power

Episode 6: The Truth that I Dedicate to You

Episode 7: Moment of Destruction, Darkness of Annihilation

Episode 8: Future Without Memories

Episode 9: Adjoined Death and Peace

Episode 10: Remaining Life, Scattered Life

Episode :11 My Feelings for You Destroy the World

Episode 12: Despair at the Diverging Past and Causality

Episode 13: The Cogwheel of Choice