Misao Minakami
Media Info
Japanese 水上みさお
Translation Minakami Misao
Nickname(s) Misao
Anime Debut Episode 1
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Affiliation(s) Tomoharu Natsume's Burial Doll

Misao Minakami is the lead female character. She has been with Tomo since a very young age, when he was involved in an accident. Most people cannot see her as she is a spirit. She is the Burial Doll for the Asura Machina named Kurogane.


Misao is a cheery Burial Doll of Tomoharu, as well as his childhood best friend. She seems to harbor a deep feelings for Tomoharu and she feels jealous when she saw Tomoharu getting along with the other girls.

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