Takuma Higuchi
Takuma Higuchi
Media Info
Japanese 樋口琢磨
Translation Takuma Higuchi
Anime Debut episode 1
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Student

Takuma is Tomoharu's best friend.


A good friend of Tomoharu's. He is interested in all things that are supernatural and also often flirts with any beautiful girls he sees


It was through him that Tomoharu managed to find out Shuri's identity. He likes Reiko, but she does not seem to like him. Although it was never explained, Takuma seems to know the Misao even before Misao shows herself after Kurogane absorbed Stabilizer as he was surprised to see Misao and address her Misao-chan even though he just met her. After the final battle, Hiwako joins Science Club. Takuma seems to have fallen for Hiwako at first sight.

First WorldEdit

Takuma from the first world, according to Tomo, is the same as the second world and always cheers Tomo up.