Tokiya Kagayaki
Tokiya Kagayaki
Media Info
Japanese 炫塔貴也
Translation Tokiya Kagayaki
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Student

Former science club president

Asura Machina: Hagane

Controlled: Hisui

Controlled: Bisumuth

Controlled: Rhodonite

Aki and Toru's childhood friend. Tokiya is the president of Science Club and former commander of GD. Shuri's weapons are designed by him.


Tokiya loved Aki lots and when Akis soul wore away Tokiya confined himself because he couldn't live without a world without Aki.


Because Tokiya could not keep living in a world without Aki, he made a contract with Hiwako and became an Asura Cryin' after stealing Hagane. He intends to use the Hagane's time-space manipulation powers to create a 3rd World and start everything all over again.

Using Hagane's power, Tokiya gains Hisui, Bismuth, Rhodonite. Using all 4 Asura Machina he gained, he make Central Vortex that goes out of control to start the destruction of the Second World. After gate to the Third World opens, he goes into the Third World with Hiwako.

After realizing that Third World wasn't the world he imagined, he seeked to take Igniter from Tomoharu's party in order to create the perfect world he dreams of. He clashes against Tomoharu's party to create that perfect world even if it means to destroy every world including the First World, Second World, and newly created Third World to create that perfect world.

After Tokiya and Hiwako got defeated by Tomoharu and Kanade, Tokiya lost will to live. He is currently in wheelchair and aided by Toru.

First WorldEdit

Freeloader who stays at the Kitsutaka house. Tokiya from First World explains to Tomoharu from the Second World about the experience Naotaka from First World is involved in and discusses what had gone wrong. He's very clumsy but he receives lots of jobs to research things from all over the world according to Toru. Tomoharu muses that if Aki was here in Second World, maybe Tokiya wouldn't do what he did in Second World.