Tomoharu Natsume
Media Info
Japanese 夏目智春
Translation Natsume Tomoharu
Nickname(s) Tomo
Anime Debut Episode 1
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown Mother

Unknown Father

Occupation Student
Asura Machina: Kurogane

Tomoharu Natsume (夏目智春) is the lead male character. He is sent to live on his own so he will not be in the way of his mother and her new boyfriend. Accompanying him is Misao, a girl spirit.


He is a normal High School student, until Shuri give him a case filled with his Asura Machina, Kurogane and after series of events, he evantually knew what he is going through. He eventually makes a contract with Kanade Takatsuki and makes Kurogane into an Asura Cryin' and giving birth to a daughter called Persephone.


In season 1 Tomoharu meets Kanade only to learn she's a demon and happens to get a Asura Machina from his brother. He opens it in the middle of a so called mafia fight.later in the show he makes a contract with Kanade and gets the Asura Machina creating a daughter his was a owl. Also the only way to stop the destruction of the world was to combine Kurogane into Kurogane-Kai. When he appeared in the second dimension he gained a power to have a shadowy claw. ==Relationship kanade

Asura MachinaEdit

Asura CryinEdit