Toru Kitsutaka was the president of the third student council before Tomoharu Natsume takes her

Toru Kitsutaka
Koru Kitsutaka
Media Info
Translation Toru Kitsutaka
Anime Debut ep:2
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown Mother

Unknown Father

Occupation Student


Asura Machina: Kurogane (EX)


Background                                   Edit

She is the sister to Aki Kitsutaka and was the former owner of Kurogane. Aki was Kurogane's burial doll until Toru whittles away all of Aki soul and making her dissapear out of jealousy. She is an EX-handler and now uses a sword. Later on in season two she dons a mask and betrays Tomoharu and his friends by helping Tokyia Kagayaki.

Season 1Edit

Toru is a mysterious person that Shuri visits until she asks